Build a prototype, test product market fit, and pitch your product for real sales

Connect with our community of like-minded students, industry experts, and local entrepreneurs

Develop the skills to be a great  entrepreneur - resilience, persistence, self-reliance and many others

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Join us for one, two, or
three weeks!

Week 1 - Design Your Product

  • Problem solve with empathy
  • Build a minimum viable product
  • Create a Lean business model

Week 2 - Build Your Tech

  • Prototype your product
  • Listen to your customer's feedback
  • Craft analytics to track your success

Week 3 - Launch Your Startup

  • Pitch your product
  • Use emotional intelligence to market your product
  • Generate revenue and profit
  • Give back by donating to the Apex Public School Foundation

Meet the Founders

Corrie Wiedmann

Corrie is an educator, entrepreneur, and recent graduate of the Launch accelerator program. She was involved with several local start-ups, including Suncreenr (which you may have seen on Shark Tank), before co-founding Wonder Crate, a subscription box for kids.

Will Henry

Will is a lab scientist and wilderness guide turned entrepreneur. He has immersed himself in the startup community in the Triangle and recently received a Venture for America Fellowship. He is also the co-founder of Aspire Career Foundations, which is scaling career advising for undergraduate college students.

Tom Rose

Tom is a seasoned educator and has more than a decade of experience working at such institutions as Duke, MIT, and Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. He has been a professional teacher for over 20 years and has over 5000 hours of classroom instruction. Tom is the co-founder of Testive a company that uses specialized machine learning to build adaptive learning programs. Tom has a BSE from Duke University and an MBA from MIT.

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